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Welcome to Forsyth Art Center where fun & educational experience await you. Pick from our variety selection of workshops and take home a piece of art or craft made by you. ​​A workshop with Forsyth Carousel is a life-enhancing experience.  We use humor, encouragement, and step by step instructions to boost relaxation, confidence, self-love and mental wellness among other things. Painting can look intimidating, but it doesn't need to be. We want to make it easy for anyone to learn or enjoy the benefits of painting. Some important things to know about the Center are:

  • The center caters to the following age groups: 8 - 12 |  13-17 | 15 - 99+

  • Most materials are included unless noted in description.

  • Dress comfortable and be prepared to get messy.

  • Events are fun and are all about you, the guest of honor.

  • There are open microphones for music, poetry, singing, karaoke, etc. Don't be shy! This is the perfect place to express yourself freely without any judgement. Just be yourself and have fun.

  • For Paint & Sip events we will have a cocktail but you are welcome to bring your preferable drink.

  • The Art Center is located above the Forsyth Carousel Boutique. It is an open vintage space with 3 walls of tall windows. The Center is equipped with heat/air-conditioning. It is not handicap assessable, only the boutique is accessible to handicap.

  • There will be a public viewing reception of completed workshops to share with the community.

  • For birthday's parties, organization events, fundraisers, art club events or gatherings (quilt, crochet), please inquire in person, email (, or phone 229.410.5026.

  • Visit the Center on First Friday Downtown events and preview upcoming events, have the kids color while you shop or browse the workshops and boutique.


Yorka Ralwins

Hello! I'm a lifelong artist, mother, and entrepreneur from La Romana, Dominican Republic, living in Ellaville, Georgia. I attended Altos de Chavon Art School, Parson's School of Design, Hunter college, and Citton. Fine Art, Literature, and Office Automation were my majors. Early in 2001 I became a Society Decorative Painter (SDP) teacher and opened my first art studio and handcrafted boutique "Bunchi" All About Arts & Crafts in South Plainfield, New Jersey. I have worked in almost all art mediums and mastered various painting technics. My art style is figurative, expressionist, mostly using acrylic, but sometimes I experiment mixed media. My best collection was the "Traveling Butterfly" for which I was named Art Ambassador for the Dominican Parade 2016 in New York City. In Georgia I made history in 2017 by opening the first Art Gallery of Schley County. As a gallerist, I represent international artists at major national art fairs. I've been published, interviewed and awarded several times throughout my art career. I had the pleasure of meeting and painting along with the living "Highwayman" original artists and learned their style, way of living and history. As an Art Director I received the award of "Best of Show" during Miami Art Week at Red Dot Art Fair for 2 consecutive years. With all that experience, I believe I can elevate art in this community by sharing my knowledge to improved mental and emotional lives of our youth and adults as well as improved their self esteem.


Hey Hey!

My name is Dai'sha! Or you can call me Day. I'm 25 years old and I've always had a passion for art.  When I was a kid, I would always draw my own children's books and doodle on anything I could get my hands on. Throughout the years the style of my art has changed and evolved into something that I can be proud of today. I would describe my style as surreal, with elements of horror. I also really enjoy pointillism and it is one of my go to styles when I create art. My favorite medium is pen and ink, but lately I've been really enjoying pops of color, and creating horror in bright and popping scenes. One of my all-time favorite artists and someone who has inspired and influenced my art style is manga artist Junji Ito. He has such a bright and bubbly personality but is able to create these dark and truly unsettling pieces of horror art. I think that is very reminiscent of myself. I think people are very surprised when they look at me and my bright, colorful personal aesthetic and personality and see that my work tends to be on the darker side. I love art because it gives us a way to realize all the beautiful, crazy, fantastical vision we have in our minds every day. It allows for us to create our own worlds, our realities, and put our dreams in front of us. I hope one day I also get better at telling people about myself! It's nice to meet you.

  • VSU Alumni

  • Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration , minor concentration in Art and African-American Studies

  • Member of the N.A.A.C.P and NCNW Valdosta Chapter

  • Currently employed in Medical Records at Regional Eye Center LLC.

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